The environment, climate and responsibility for future generations impel us to do business sustainably. Take the automotive industry, for example. Electromobility is becoming a megatrend, transforming an entire branch of industry. Electromobility calls for a new way of thinking about the electrification of motors and the entire vehicle. New supplier concepts are also emerging, and products and solutions are being reimagined. The only constant at present is the quality of products, processes and solutions.

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What needs to be done? Now and in the future? This is the question we asked ourselves at RTE. Our answer: Integrate the future into our product range. In concrete terms, this means that we are already preparing the capabilities of our acoustic testing systems for future tasks. That’s what we’re working on. An e-vehicle has electricity on board, and that means that more and more components in the vehicle as well as motor components will be operated electrically in the future. Electrification ensures much quieter background noise and thereby increases the level of comfort. The tested acoustic quality of a product required for this process not only increases its value. Quality also stands for safety, comfort and more sustainable life spans – across multiple sectors.


It’s important to fully understand the laws of acoustics in order to be able to use them in a targeted manner. RTE is well versed in the laws of acoustics and combines them with many years of experience and modern technology. The result is highly qualified acoustic testing procedures. The question still remains: What should be tested and for what purpose? Are the products free of defects? A unit for tolerable natural frequencies or vibrations? An actuator for minimised noise emission? Or should a production process be monitored acoustically? The possibilities of acoustic testing methods in the industrial sector are virtually unlimited – the test object only needs to be triggered to oscillate or vibrate. If we’ve sparked your interest, let’s talk about your testing task. We look forward to your challenge.


RTE has extensive project experience in all areas of acoustic testing. Methods and tools for testing systems are adapted individually and in a project-oriented manner for each application. This results in test scenarios that increase efficiency and availability in production, improve processes quickly and reduce costs at the same time. RTE also offers its customers clear planning services for the development and integration of highly automated testing systems, concepts for real-time monitoring and testing or the implementation of smart testing techniques with AI algorithms. The modular structure makes acoustic testing systems the ideal partner when new developments like the “electrification of motors” demand a new way of thinking about quality. Acoustic testing technology can help your company generate added value over the long term. It works best together!


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