SonicTC Test System

Acoustic testing of material with SonicTC.AT

sonicTC-LogoSonicTC is the new generation for the innovative, environmental friendly and 100% nondestructive testing of workpieces by the acoustic resonance method (sound testing). Samples evaluated reliably by comparing them with programmed golden samples. SonicTC.AT contains the proven functions of the previous SR20AT test system, which has been optimized and supplemented by application-specific expansions. Please contact us for detailed advice.


  • Compensation of effects: Physical parameters, such as temperature, mass or dimensional quantities can be determined additionally, and compensated for. Parameters, compensated for automatically, permit a high selectivity and the recognition of the smallest errors
  • Simple operation: The test features may be adapted by the user him- or herself at any time
  • Intelligent setting up and learning. The deviations between good parts and faulty parts can be reproduced easily. Even after the measurement has been made, features can be supplemented or changed
  • For production and in the laboratory: The operator interface and the functions are designed for the user and his requirements. The same system can be used in production and development, so that the setup time in the production line can be minimized

Eigenfrequency measurement with SonicTC.EigenFrequency

SonicTC.EigenFrequency 250x86x24SonicTC.EigenFrequency fulfills the requirements for a reliable Eigenfrequency determination and offers an excellent price to performance ratio. At the same time, it documents the results simply and quickly. SonicTC.EigenFrequency permits automatic multiposition measurements and, with that, ensures high reliability. The possibility for for determining the damping and Q-factor for rotation symmetrical parts is unique, and this is also mode-related.


  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Suitable for different products with a minimum of retrofitting expenses
  • Modular expandability protects your investment
  • Reliable Eigenfrequency values due to multiposition measurements
  • Mode-related attenuation and quality determination
  • Aging compensation

Noise and function testing technology with SonicTC .NVH

SonicTCdriveDue to integrated noise and function testing in production, the manufacturing quality can be ensured and the customer satisfaction can be improved appreciably. The data may be used for documenting the production and in Development for improving product quality.

SonicTC.NVH is designed especially for these requirements. Aside from the commonplace methods for ensuring quality acoustically, further methods have been implemented, which are suitable, especially for considering electric motors and drives. Aside from psychoacoustic methods, these are evaluations, which correspond to our hearing, such as filters for amplitude demodulation. Sluggishness, wow and flutter can be investigated with this selectively.


  • Parameterization of workflows and test instructions with test features
  • Templates facilitate routine work
  • Product variations can be set up quickly over copying functions
  • Values measured at several stations can be collected in a data set
  • High flexibility due to graphically supported parameterizations
  • Calibration programs
  • Can be remotely controlled completely over OPC
  • Extensive analysis and evaluation functions, statistical process controls
  • Layout editor for the individual adaptation of the documents
  • Can be expanded easily over the modular construction and tailor-made for your requirements

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Acoustic process monitoring with SonicTC.Lite

Noise and oscillations are rapidly changing signals, which described the condition of a product or process. For a step-stopping determination and evaluation for:

  • early recognition of damage in machine monitoring,
  • process monitoring, for example, of the installation of a male connector,
  • noise testing and oscillation testing of products with the help of rapid signal analysis and
  • injection monitoring

equipment and programs of high reliability, such as SonicTC.Lite are required, which can be used in a rough industrial environment. SonicTC.Lite is an inexpensive and, at the same time, high-performance and robust signal processing system for acoustic monitoring of processes and products.


  • SonicTC.Lite reduces the costs of complaints
  • SonicTC.Lite avoids downtimes of your machines and increases productivity in this way
  • RTE is your partner, also for complete solutions

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