You have a testing task for us and we supply tailor-made solutions to you. Whether it be engineering, a test system, a test device, service and support, education and training or everything together in the form of complete solutions, we offer everything from one source and only that, which you really need.

Our strength is the 100% testing during the manufacturing process, while, at the same time, documenting and tracing the results. You save on the cost of complaints, time and a loss of confidence by your customers.

To begin with, we always conduct a feasibility analysis and, together with you, develop a solution concept.

Test objects are subject to influencing factors, which are or are not relevant to quality. There are test object-related, process-related and testing-related parameters, which affect the results of a test with an acoustic testing method. However, only the test object-related parameters are of decisive importance for evaluating quality. .  For all other parameters, their effect on the test results may have to be taken into consideration or eliminated.

The use of acoustic methods requires a systematic procedure, in order, on the one hand, to evaluate the parameters named and, on the other, to determine the test features relevant for deciding the quality,

From concept to realisation

From concept to realisation

RTE uses a stepwise procedure:

  1. Suitability Analysis (“Quicklook”): The basic applicability of the acoustic methods is investigated by means of some typical good and bad parts
  2. Product Sampling: Systematic investigation of the product properties, reproducibility, sensor technology, features
  3. Process Sampling: On site investigation of batch effects, environmental effects, process stability
  4. System conception, requirements book, coordination and realization

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