Acoustic Process Monitoring

Noise and vibrations arise in many areas of production. They provide information concerning the state of the machine or of the current process. This information can be ascertained with sensors and is evaluated in real time by testing and measuring systems. For instance, if a preset limit is breached, an immediate action, for example, by a machine control, can be initiated.

The testing system SonicTC.Lite can be used independently of the industrial sector and finds application, from the automobile industry over the pharmaceutical industry to the packaging industry.


Noise and vibrations arise, for instance, when workpieces are processed or installed, as a consequence of a defective step in this process. For example, during the installation of parts, a characteristic noise develops, from which it can be recognized whether the installation was done properly or defectively. If proper, the noise might be a “click”, if not, it will be different. This signal indicates clearly whether the process has proceeded properly.

When working on workpieces by turning, grinding, sawing or pressing, noises develop, which enable conclusions to be drawn about the process and the condition of the workpiece. By analyzing air sound signals or body sound signals quickly, the measurement system can monitor and evaluate the work in progress.

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