Noise and Function Testing

Engine and transmission units of different sizes and performances are found in practically all power units, from miniature servo motors and step motors over machines for households, office, air-conditioning and automobiles up to large industrial machines.

Even in the private area, the user is constantly paying more attention now to the environmental impact of noise and takes note of the noise of a device, not only because it disturbs, but also because being too noticeable may be an indication of a malfunction or even of a threatening failure.


Quality assurance can be improved appreciably due to an integrated noise and function testing in production and the data may, moreover, be used for documenting the production and in Development for improving product and process quality.

Customer complaints can be reduced to a minimum by monitoring and improving production continuously.

Proof of the test results can be provided at any time by continuous documentation, archiving, verifiability and traceability.

Testing Technique

SonicTC.NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) is the new generation of test systems with maximum application benefits. The system combines the supervisory level with the field level in the sense of the interconnected “Fabrik4.0”, which is an important building block for the management of information and knowledge in modern, producing companies.

SonicTC.NVH replaces our successful Prodias 2000 system.

Graphical configuration

Graphical configuration

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