A perfect team!
SonicTC testing software and IVS-500 laser vibrometer from Polytec

Acoustic testing with the laser vibrometer?

Yes, of course! The cause of a noise are vibration processes which are emitted as airborne sound via elastic bodies. Vibrations can be recorded using airborne sound or structure-borne sound as well as optically.

The IVS-500 laser vibrometer from Polytec, in combination with the SonicTC testing software, is a perfect expert system for noise and vibration testing. Especially when the acoustic test is subsequently integrated into a production process and expensive modifications are to be avoided. Existing ambient noise could have a negative impact on the measurement signal, or it would take a lot of effort to adapt the mechanics.

The IVS 500 is parameterized and controlled directly via the Ethernet interface with the SonicTC test software. Goodbye additional hardware or software ..

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