RTE develops and supplies acoustic testing solutions for quality assurance in the industry.
Due to its many years of experience, RTE offers comprehensive advice on the appropriate acoustic testing concept and develops tailor-made solutions for your testing tasks.
RTE is a world leader in acoustic testing technology with its solutions for quality assurance in series production. The know-how of our specialists in measurement and testing technology is available to our customers across all industries.

Design and Consulting

Since its foundation, RTE has been developing and supplying acoustic testing solutions for industrial quality assurance.

Backed by years of experience, RTE offers comprehensive consulting services to find the best acoustic testing approach and develop customised solutions for all your testing requirements.

From feasibility analysis and product sampling through the specification of testing protocols to drafting technical specifications, as a basis for the collaborative development of an optimal solution. With its solutions for quality assurance in serial production, RTE is a global leader in acoustic testing technology.



Our specialists’ measuring and testing know-how is available to customers across all branches of industry.

Our team of engineers at RTE will ensure that you achieve a reliable, high-performance solution customised to your specific requirements. To safeguard the company’s long-term viability, each year a portion of its income is invested in research and development projects in acoustic testing.

SonicTC Testing Systems

The SonicTC testing software combines measurement technology with modern and powerful evaluation methods for self-contained individual test stations, networked multi-user solutions and serial monitoring. Its modern and user-friendly design enables users to implement all their testing demands in an optimal manner. A modular, extremely flexible and high-performance testing system. Ongoing development and updates are guaranteed.

SonicTC testing systems meet and exceed the demands for all quality assurance tests, and at the same time document the results and guarantee traceability.

All-in-one Solutions

Whether it’s engineering, testing systems, testing equipment, service and support, training and courses, or everything in one comprehensive solution package from a single provider – our project engineers and software developers support and advise you from conceptual design, feasibility analysis, specifying testing protocols and drafting technical specifications through to commissioning and configuring the testing system.

  • Manual testing systems
  • Semi- or fully automated testing systems
  • Testing systems for inline or end-of-line applications
  • Standard integration kits for existing and new automated systems

RTE standard devices::
SonicTC.Cube, SonicTC.Mobile, SonicTC.Vario, SonicTC.Line – automation integration kit.


Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing during the manufacturing process with simultaneous documentation and result traceability. A variety of data export formats and a Q-DAS interface are essential in serial production and ensure communication with higher-level MES systems.

Our quality management system conforms to DIN EN ISO 9001 and guarantees reliable project management.



RTE offers focussed support – face-to-face, by telephone, or by remote access. Immediate analysis and support for parameter maintenance. A service and support contract, available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, is convenient for commissioning and invoicing. We provide optimised solutions and guarantee a high degree of availability throughout the entire service life.