RTE offers comprehensive service and advice on all aspects of acoustic testing technology. RTE is your development partner for the future development of acoustic testing technology and its application. This includes sound and vibration analyses, verification of existing testing systems and specially developed analysis methods for test applications.

Feasibility Studies

Everything starts with feasibility studies including analysis of application and manufacturing process. Can the acoustic test technology be used for the test task? Does it deliver the required results? These studies range from a short quick look through the sampling of a larger number of samples to the support of longer-term process studies. The goal is a capable and reliable testing system for industrial use. Feasibility studies must be well prepared in order to achieve the best possible and most meaningful result for the user. This is where RTE comes in with its many years of experience.


Implementation of Measurement and Testing Tasks

Customers need a quick response to quality problems or especially in the event of a complaint. RTE offers its customers the implementation of measurement and testing tasks at RTE or on site at the customer.


Support for data analysing and characteristics

RTE offers you professional support in setting up your acoustic test systems. We carry out the signal analyzes and work out the correct test characteristics. Of course, we will parameterize your test system accordingly. You can also secure this support for the long term and even via the hotline!
We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right option.


Review and Validation of Testing Systems

Do you already run an acoustic test system? But you are not satisfied with the performance and the possibilities? If necessary, our experts can check your test systems and sensors and validate their use. You will receive advice on optimizing the systems, which sensor and position would be more suitable or how the systems would have to be upgraded if necessary.

RTE systems should be checked and calibrated according to the maintenance guidelines (at least once a year). We are happy to offer you this service.



Rental Systems and Pilot System

Acoustic testing technology is a comparative testing technology. Very often the customers / users cannot provide faulty components in order to give a meaningful assessment of the test task. The best way is then to measure and evaluate the data in production over a certain period of time. For this purpose, RTE offers prepared rental systems that are specifically equipped for the test task and use in production. The customer uses these systems on his own and can still gain experience with the testing technology. RTE accompanies the data acquisition and of course the data evaluation. Rental systems can also take on the role of a pilot system. The aim is to optimize the test setup for the required series solution.


Development of Analysis Tools and AI-Algorithms

RTE make itself conspicuous by the in-house development of its SonicTC software. RTE thus offers the special service of developing customer-specific requirements for special analysis tools and test algorithms. According to customers’ requirements and specifications, RTE integrating them into SonicTC. In particular, AI-processes and self-learning algorithms support the performance of modern acoustic testing technology. Ask us about your special requirements and development topics.


Development Partner

Since its spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute, RTE has been active in the development of acoustic testing technology and in particular its use in industry. As a medium-sized company with its high flexibility, RTE is an ideal partner for your development projects. Let us develop innovations together and implement your quality requirements with acoustic testing technology.


Training and Workshops

RTE offers a variety of training concepts for acoustic testing technology. These can be carried out directly at the customer’s site or at RTE as a workshop or as remote training. The training courses are user-oriented and carried out directly on the test system and the test task. Of course, theoretical knowledge is also included. Ask us about your training needs. We develop the right training concept for your employees.

Software development

Sonic|TC Service

The SonicTC test software offers the user a wide range of flexible applications and, above all, a diverse choice of evaluation methods, combined with sophisticated compensation methods.

With its standardised and preconfigured PLC interfaces, SonicTC can be deployed quickly and easily in any automated system.
We will be happy to help you if your application is not yet supported by SonicTC or if your application is very product or process specialised. SonicTC allows us to adapt and implement many functions quickly and easily.

Our experts will also be happy to provide advice and hands-on support. Call us right away.

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