Still up to date and on the agenda – the subjective acoustic test!

In many industrial sectors, subjective acoustic testing is still used today. It is always about 100% quality assurance. What is not taken into account is that the employee has to decide for several hours a day whether components are fault-free or not, regardless of their daily form and other influences.

In principle, humans have good qualities for recognizing difficult fault patterns. The more experience the employee has, the better the error detection. Influences on the employee, such as distraction, daily form, tiredness and lack of experience mean that errors are not discovered.

Internal and external complaints always lead to extra work, stress and, of course, additional costs. This can be avoided with the objective test.
Objective testing means that quality assurance is reproducible and reliable and the results are automatically documented. This meets the high requirements of customers and DIN standards.

The perfect thing is that with objective testing technology, the data is still available after the test and is available for continuous process evaluation and improvement. With the comprehensive SonicTC measuring and testing system, all data can be conveniently processed at any time, even at an office workstation, regardless of production activities.