RTE YOUR STRONG PARTNER in the field of modal analysis for the application of FRF

The latest version of SonicTC testing software offers a complete analysis and evaluation module for the Frequency Response Function (FRF). In combination with the user-friendly user interface and the powerful functionalities, this opens up new possibilities for you.

A SQL database is a center piece of the testing software, which enables easy analysis and extensive studies of measurement data through sorting functions and filters.

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The flexibility of the testing software enables the connection of any measurement hardware, sensors or actuators. It is also easy to control existing devices, such as modal hammers, weighing systems, etc.
Through feedback from our customers and cooperation partners, the scope of services was continually expanded and optimized.
For example, laser vibrometers from Polytec and automatic excitation units from Maul-Theet can be integrated and  controlled by SonicTC itself.


Measuring processes and evaluation algorithms are easily set up to suit your testing task using drag & drop. For example, you can easily parameterize repeat measurements directly in the testing software.
Measurements are started either directly via the user interface of the testing software or with the help of controls on the measuring device.
Measurement results are clearly displayed on the screen.

Comprehensive change management in the testing software allows you seamlessly tracking and documenting all changes to the measuring system.


All relevant data is archived in a database and is available for comprehensive analyzes and detailed studies.

In addition to the measurement data, additional information such as images (samples, test-setup), batch information or any other comments can be added.

A reporting tool enables clear presentation and documentation.

Statements from enthusiastic customers:

“Guys, you have to tell your customers and interested parties what you can do… I have never been able to edit and prepare FRF measurement data as easily as with SonicTC.FRF.”

“The new reporting concept turned out great, I didn’t expect it to be so good.”

“I was able to simply plug the IVS-500 into the PC and parameterize it in SonicTC. Finally plug and play.”


Questions about our testing solution?

I look forward to your message and the joint exchange on the subject of laboratory testing solutions in the area of FRF.

Kolja König

Sales Manager
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