Noise and Functional Testing
Acoustic Materials Testing
Acoustic Process Control

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Just like the lynx, nothing escapes our attention as far as the quality of your products is concerned:

    Natural frequency testing
      eigenfrequency measurement, age compensation, q-factor

    Noise testing and function testing
      Noise measurement, noise testing, NVH, vibration testing equipment
      Functional features: rotation, torque, current consumption etc.

    Acoustic material testing 
      Crack testing, structure testing, non-destructive testing, resonance analysis, sound testing, sound analysis

    Acoustic process control
      Assembly process, handling process,filling process, joining process

    Technical acoustics
      Airborne sound, structure-borne noise, vibration analysis, vibration testing

Since more than 25 years RTE has been the leading company for the noise and vibration testing of components within production and development. We deliver products and solutions worldwide for acoustic and function testing, acoustic material testing and acoustic process control.

For your own solution follow the lynx's track to the  inspection tasks or to the   industry sectors.

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